A Beginners Guide for Mobile Apps for Business (Step by Step) 2019

A mobile phone has developed from only a communication device to an exceptionally powerful business device throughout the years. As technology is progressing at lightning speed, with that individuals are getting increasingly dependent on mobile phones, tablets, and other smart gadgets. The importance of mobile apps in business has climbed the stepping stool to the top quickly in recent years.

Mobile phones changed the manner in which businesses work. Rapid pace information access to an amazing client experience are the keys to high development. Mobile apps made it simpler for clients to get any business data at the tip of their finger and remain associated with their most loved brands. That is the reason a ton of businesses is taking their existence to mobile platforms.

The mobile app market has achieved near $30 billion in income as indicated by a study report. Regardless of the colossal number, the app market is still in beginning periods and has a bounty to offer. Each entrepreneur, little or enormous, must possess up to the way that with the present rate of technology selection, no business ought to be showcased offline alone.

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Today, mobile marketing is more viable than any other time in recent memory and brings various advantages, notwithstanding for little advantages. Proprietors of private companies must adjust to the latest technology trends and remain to pick up by making a mobile application for their business. Be that as it may, before a business bounces into the sea of mobility, there are few inquiries which should be answered.

Does Your Business Need App?

This is simply the principal question that you ought to ask yourself before choosing whether you need a mobile app or not for your business. Business applications are not generally to sell items or solutions. Remember this thing. You can utilize a mobile application for different reasons. In the event that you are into retail business, a mobile application can be extremely useful for sales.

In the event that you are into telecom business, an application can be useful for client engagement and support. An application can enable your clients to comprehend your contributions and advantages more. Essentially, only one out of every odd business requires its own business mobile app.

How about we take the case of an assembling organization who deals in leather made clothing. They may require an application to work together with their whole activity as opposed to making it accessible to people in general.

Type of App

On the off chance that as an entrepreneur you have chosen to make a mobile app for your business, at that point next you need to make sense of the explanation for making the application or at the end of the day type of application. This is the place your product managers should venture forward.

To make an effective mobile application, a powerful application strategy is required with the goal that the business can distinguish the reason for the application and how it can help their clients just as their business development.

It is constantly hard to choose whether your business needs a Mobile App Development or a Mobile Website Development. Both of these are totally unique in relation to one another with regards to the target audience. A mobile site is only a mobile form of your business site, where anybody can peruse your business data, then again a mobile app can be useful to expand your item prominence just as well as sales.

The following interesting point will be the role of the application in your business. On the off chance that it is holding a central position in your business, at that point, the business ought to adopt the application. At first, you can dispatch a free form and always remember to include magnificent highlights which can entice clients to upgrade.

Try not to promote different organizations regularly, as it may diminish your application download proportion. Highlights like geo-area based services, call to take action choices, simple contact choices can make the application more easy to use.

Platform Selection

One of the greatest challenges in Developing a Mobile Application is that the application market is generally divided. You have iOS and Android as essential choices. While iOS powers iPhone, iPad; Android powers different gadgets. There are additionally a lot less well-known platforms. Typically, businesses pick any of these platforms: iOS, Android or HTML5.

Platform Selection

iOS and Android are market pioneers since they have a decent number of client base. Android more often than give free mobile applications, while iOS clients are accustomed to getting highlights to the detriment of couple of dollars. On the off chance that you are going for Android applications, at that point you have to make arrangements to make a benefit out of that.

Another choice is HTML platform. It underpins any sort of mobile phone. It is additionally a cross-stage alternative which businesses can focus and utilize a portion of the few services that can convey diverse variants for various stages. To connect with countless, organizations can go for the HTML5 approach.

Be that as it may, HTML5 applications are typically slower when contrasted with other platform applications. Before choosing the mobile app platform, you ought to dependably keep one thing in your brain. Who is your target audience and who is going to utilize your application? Complete research and discover which platform they lean toward and make your application on that premise.

How to Build an App?

This is a standout amongst the most critical parts of your business mobile application. There are numerous businesses in the history who neglected to make the right business app at first attempt and accordingly, their application got disappeared from the market. Rather than relying upon the IT team of your organization, do consider outsourcing the application development to a dependable technology accomplice.

Through a right technology accomplice, you can ensure that your application will keep running with negligible glitches. In Media Junkie, we ensure our created applications maintain a strategic distance from glitches. We code in a protected way so that your application won’t confront any troubles.

After picking the right mobile app developer make an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) endorsed with the goal that your idea is secure. Talk about however much as could be expected with your technology accomplice. Influence them to comprehend what precisely you anticipate from your application and see the prototype before the beginning of genuine advancement. You can continue including features at the perfect time.

Why Customers & Companies Prefer Apps over a Website?

The days are gone when clients use to look at sites for data. They need everything customized and quick. Clients want to download the mobile application and play out every one of the exercises through those applications. They need access to data at whatever point they need.

Why Customers & Companies Prefer Apps over a Website

Business companies have comprehended this and begun offering significance to business applications, as the ubiquity of application utilizing is expanding. There are different reasons why clients favor applications over a site. Let me discuss some of the important highlights you need to have in a business app:


Sites can’t be customized. The data offers and highlights everything is same for every one of the clients. Then again, mobile applications are exceptionally customizable and give much better client experience.

Functionalities like area following, customized data sharing guarantees more client commitment. Push notifications are paying a noteworthy job in change.

app Customization

Discounts, offers or even unique offers related data can lead a client to buy an item. These days, the time somebody downloads the application, an abnormal state of user engagement activities starts.

The ideal example of this is the Uber mobile app. Organizations can communicate all the more adequately just as they can make a client feel exceptional with exclusive offers.

Rapid Service

The present age of mobility is incredibly fixated on speed and snappy client service. Businesses are giving a great deal of significance to the speed of their application along with mobile design.

Businesses are currently concentrating on creating functionalities which can keep running in offline mode also. Facebook as of late refreshed their iOS application, which enables clients to make posts without the web. They are taking a shot at this new feature with android too.

Telecom organizations give in application 24*7 client support. Clients can interface with the support team immediately through the application. Uber likewise gives all the data related with the ride just as past rides with a go. Clients anticipate this sort of administration. On account of a site, these functionalities are a long way from desire. Handiness is the best piece of an application. Refresh data can show up on the screen.


Custom Mobile Apps are less demanding to access, in contrast to a site. As applications are accompanying easy to use interface and simple discovering data, it has turned out to be less demanding to access to at whatever point and wherever you need.

Get Right Custom Mobile Apps For Your Business

On the off chance that the site isn’t mobile friendly, it turns out to be hard to manage data. Businesses ought to comprehend the difficulties engaged with creating a business mobile application which can be accessed quickly by the clients.

User Engagement

The best strategy to develop your business is to think about your client recommendations and their feedbacks. For this, you should be dynamic as a service provider and additionally in settling client related issues.

This turned out to be simple through a mobile business app. Share content with your clients crosswise over different channels just what they need to see. Run customized campaigns and reach your target audience.

business app  User Engagement

Gather each and every piece of the information from what they give you as a feedback, attempt to consolidate the same number of their recommendations in your application.

Obviously, you need to think which one is practicable for your business. Be that as it may, keep clients on the loop of your optimization, furnish them with a superior affair each time, and see your consistency standards takeoff upwards.


The purpose for business companies implementing a mobile strategy is to expand their brand incentive just as to utilize it as a source to amplify income.

In the event that you have a kickass mobile marketing strategy and empower your clients to visit your application all the more frequently, you need a suggestion to take action choice to change over the visit into clients. Clients are investing less energy in basic leadership before buying anything. A suggestion to take action choice can streamline the procedure and you can include income rapidly.

Payments, Reminders, Mobile Scheduling

Business mobile apps have different highlights for different enterprises. For example you are into administration industry like online nourishment retail, medicinal services, salon, spa, clothing and so forth.

Payments, Reminders, Mobile Scheduling

A mobile app can be useful for your target clients to book an appointment. At that point, you can utilize pop-up messages or messages to refresh them about their appointment.

Mobile payment is a standout amongst the most well-known online payment choice nowadays. Private ventures can incorporate payment choice in their business mobile application and can gather direct payments through credit cards, debit cards, online payment or payment through an outsider. Mobile payments are easy to use, secure and quick.

Mobile Analytics

Mobile Analytics is a gift for any business. You can have a 360-degree perspective on your whole business process. You can monitor messages, contacts, appointments, group gatherings, ventures, financials and so forth. Sale support analytics can be included, which can computerize your whole sales lifecycle and your business group can make it happen rapidly.

Mobile app Analytics

A mobile analytics solution incorporated with your business application spares time, gives you continuous significant experiences, looks progressively composed and can enhance generally efficiency. It very well may be demonstrated as an ideal development display for your business.

Reasons You Should Have Mobile Business Apps

The normal measure of time individuals go through with their mobile phones and tablets has tripled over the most recent five years. The greater part of this expansion originates from time went through with applications, while mobile browser and non-cell phone devices have remained genuinely reliable.

Mobile applications use isn’t really restricting other web access to — it’s simply adding to it. People still use desktop systems or laptops and mobile web browsers. They simply invest considerably more energy in mobile apps. Businesses as of now welcome the web’s advantages. Presently, they have to comprehend the esteem that mobile applications offer over increasingly customary methods for connecting on the web.

Better Workflows

While the measure of time individuals spend utilizing applications is practically half as much as they spend at work, businesses likewise need to comprehend that a lot of this expansion comes from individuals who utilize mobile apps at work. A 2018 security and hazard appraisal found that substantial business companies depend on more than 10 mobile applications to lead the business. Business companies of all sizes have discovered that mobile applications for workers can offer more noteworthy proficiency and adaptability.

A few examples of famous business applications may incorporate project management, sales, business insight, and stock control. It bodes well to have mobile applications and gadgets to use on the road and or inside a distribution center. The risk assessment inferred that mobile apps have been essential to numerous organizations and their capacity to activate business work processes. Organizations don’t need to constrain business forms since workers must be attached to their work area to get on the web.

Rise Revenue

Generally, advertisers suspected that individuals utilized their smartphones for research and afterward held up until they got to a bigger PC to purchase. Mobile applications have changed this. At this moment, applications make 44 percent of online transactions in North America. Bigger PCs rank second with 33 percent.

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The mobile web positions last with just 23 percent of online transactions. In the meantime, mobile drives sales on bigger gadgets. More than one-fourth of all deals on work areas and PCs pursued a prior visit from a cell phone. Indeed, even individuals who want to purchase on their enormous PCs every now and again investigate first on a littler one. Business companies without mobile applications to gather transactions may discover sales waning since they don’t have an application.

Enhanced Engagement

Consider how often mobile clients swipe their screens each day. Businesses with a symbol for a mobile application on a phone will give their clients an everyday reminder of their brand. They can increase significantly more consideration by sending all around sectioned, occasional notices and offering direct correspondence and even a steadfastness program through their business application.

Mobile applications can likewise recognize when clients travel nearby, so they can send timely messages. Modern mobile applications can fill in as an additional, electronic “sales rep” who actually travels with clients. A mobile application helps in making direct advertising channel among you and clients and enable you to specifically speak with your clients in a successful way.

When you have a mobile application, you can send push and in-application warnings to the same number of as clients that can impact the clients and convey a high achievement rate. In the event that your notifications are significant and contain important content than clients will tune in to your brand and will pick the brand contributions when they need.

Rise Accessibility

Mobile application expands the availability of businesses by enabling them to send notification about what gets changed or what’s going on including the services and enables entrepreneurs to manufacture a solid association with clients that create a certified client base and brand loyalty.

You can likewise keep up a decent relationship by offering exceptional limits for the old clients.

Be Visible to Customers Consistently

As indicated by the comScore’s research in 2018, the Americans whose age lies among 18 or more go through 2 hours, 51 minutes on their cell phone each day, that implies around 86 hours every month.

This makes sense of has surely smoothed throughout the most recent years and keep on expanding as a number of mobile applications are included in the play store and apple app store. So it is a great idea to have a mobile app for business since it will assist you with increasing your prominence among the target audience.

How Business Can Benefit from Mobile App

They’re in the majority of our pockets presently, right?

I’m talking, obviously, about cell phones. Also, the center usefulness of those gadgets (other than making telephone calls, I’ve been told) is to run an entire host of applications that fill about each possible need.

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Businesses from all corners of the world, offering a strange scope of items, have started relocating from the physical universe of passing out flyers, printing promotions, and hanging announcements, to the mobile realm. What’s more, you ought to as well. Presently, I recognize what you may think:

Our Business Don’t Need a Mobile Application to Sell items to Our Dedicated Clients!

Furthermore, perhaps that has been the situation previously. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to get ready for the future and begin seeing the huge advantages directly out the door, you’ll need a mobile application.

Not easily persuaded? At that point, there are 4 different ways (to say the very least) that your business will receive the rewards of making a mobile application for your clients.

Give More Value to Your Customers

Business is about response. You offer an item, the market opens their wallets with their interest, isn’t that so?

Perhaps you’ve sat down with your representatives and attempted to nail down the most ideal approach to empower a greater amount of this wallet-opening commitment from your clients. You need to build their cooperation with your business to advance deals, obviously, however you likewise need to give a dimension of significant worth to your clients that they can’t go anyplace else.

One approach to do this is make a loyalty program inside your business mobile application. It would work this way:

The more clients cooperate with your business and item, the more points they gather, which can thusly be utilized for incredible deals on the items they definitely realize they need. Starbucks utilizes it’s business mobile application further bolstering their good fortune by offering rewards solely to application subscribers, which at that point spurs clients to purchase espresso (And different delectable bites) from them. They’re considerably increasingly on the ball by enabling their clients to pay straightforwardly from the application, accelerating the entire transaction process.

Give More Value to Your Customers

On the off chance that you as of now have a program like this setup – fantastic. You can fuse it into your mobile application, digitizing the whole procedure, making information on their buys accessible to you right away. In the event that you don’t have one, jump on it, quick. What’s more, when your clients see their points including progressively (as opposed to sending in points via mail or hold up until they can get to your site to enter them physically), they’ll be awed and more lured to catch up on their purchases in future.

Create a Strong Brand

A standout amongst the most vital things a mobile application offers to purchasers is awareness of and correspondence with your brand. What’s more, through that customary connection with your target audience, you’re cultivating trust.

The more your target audience confides in you, the almost certain they’ll be to tune in to later sales and even commit on your brand. With an application, you’ll exhibit to your clients why they should confide in you by appearing (than telling) what your brand rely on. Similarly as disseminating cooler magnets, calendars, and other arbitrary memorabilia with your business logo on it has served in the past both as promotion and help, mobile applications toughen your brand and educate your clients.

Connect Better with Customers

Customer service isn’t just about face to face correspondence between grinning sales partners and clients any longer. Since 2.6 billion individuals presently have powerful cell phones inside arm’s scope consistently, the genuine distinct advantage in client service is currently business mobile apps.


Right off the bat, your application won’t be simply an individual, subject to the state of mind swings and poor execution. Furthermore, through a strong mobile prominence, you’ll generally realize you’re introducing to the client a similar face – an interface adapted explicitly to give them the best involvement of considering and choosing whether they need to purchase your item.

Connect Better with Customers

Truth be told, by far most of advertisers see their applications as a way to basically improve client service. Without sounding unpleasant, your business is dependably with your client. (Alright, perhaps there’s no chance to get around that one.)

In any case, consider it. On the off chance that an individual finds out about your application amidst the night and needs to get data ASAP, they should simply turn on their gadget and download your application.

Afterward, when an idea flies into their head that they should purchase your item, they can do it promptly, without sitting tight for standard business hours when typical individuals are awake. In this way, if client service is one of your best needs (like it ought to be), mobile applications are the response to raising consumer loyalty no matter how you look at it.

Enhancement of Profits

At the point when consumer loyalty builds, sales regularly do as well. Truth be told, as indicated by SalesForce, 70 percent of purchasing encounters are impacted by how clients feel they’re being dealt with.

The more intrigued and satisfied individuals move toward becoming with your item and your business, the more prominent shopper request will develop. Furthermore, let me guarantee you, on the off chance that you have an item your clients can hardly wait to get their hands on, that request will furnish you with some genuine returns.

Enhancement of Profits

That is the place the business mobile application comes in like none other. Be that as it may, it’s critical to minimize expenses while you’re creating it. Indeed, you ought to have a site with a mindful design that can adjust to any of the different cell phones there are present.

This disposes of the need of having a baffling, auxiliary “mobile” site to manage. Yet, on the off chance that you launch a mobile application notwithstanding your responsive site, you’ll boost sales while upgrading the client experience.

How to Build Custom Business Apps

Do you need guidance in figuring out which kind of mobile business apps are able to help your company to grow, build your brand and collect more revenue? If yes, Media Junkie is the best option for you.

We have been assisting small to multinational businesses and startups with mobile app development for many years and we are here to help you in any way possible.

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