Ultimate Guide on Email Marketing Strategy 2019 (Step by Step)

Once you think about Email, many thoughts come in your mind like how to start an email? What is the best subject for Email? How to finish an Email? And so on.

In this post, We’re discussing all techniques to make the best Email Marketing Strategy in business which is best for your business as well as for your business clients. Below, I am showing you the whole story of Email Marketing in one Infographic, which will give you a better understanding of what you are dealing with.

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Today, there are many organizations who are searching means to improve their online commerce presence and also increase brand awareness among their objective addresses across the globe.

Promotion is not how things are made great—only how they’re heard about.

Email promoting is reflected as one of the greatest exceedingly operative utensil for such purpose. Email advertising is currently the most noteworthy utensil for trivial to multinational business owners to introduce their target audience about their services in an effortless manner.

Here in this post, I am discussing everything you need to know about email advertising and how will it be useful for your commerce.

What is Email Marketing?

It is a form of direct e-marketing which takes help of electronic mail which is a medium between business and consumer to communicate fundraising or commercial messages. This term in business is referred to:

  • Send emails with a salient purpose of augmenting relationship of a business owner with its new and old customers. Furthermore, it also helps to encourage customer loyalty and do business again with clienteles.
  • Send emails for the purpose of making new clients or convincing the current clients to purchase something on
  •  immediate basis.
  • Add company commercials of services and products in the Email to diverse corporations and own clientele.

Salient Advantages of E-marketing

Email marketing has a sum of crucial benefits as parallel to the old-fashioned mail advertising used by commerce owners. Some are as follows:

  • An accurate amount of return on investment can be effortlessly tracked with the help of it.
  • Advertisers get the chance to reach out an extravagant number of email subscribers who have opted to receive emails on dissimilar focus or vocations which interest them.
  • Around half of the Internet users across the globe intend to check or send email on daily basis.
  • Best Email provider help to dissimilar business marketers to reach out to a vast number of consumers with relevant, personalized and dynamic business messages
  • Transactional emails allow a diverse minor to multinational industries to respond automatically to significant consumer transactions.

The disadvantage of email advertising includes the rate of spam or rejection of emails sent by the clients which affect the delivery rate of emails. However, at some point, this issue has been eliminated with the concept of “Opt-in” for emailing, where the consumer assents to receive emails on different niches and products.

Why Use Email Marketing in Businesses?

The best Ans is: Here are some of the reasons which will show why any business owner needs to go for email marketing for the prosperity of their business:

  • Expense: Email marketing cost is quite economical as compared to the traditional mail marketing. Whether you do it yourself or do it via an email advertising organization send advertising emails to customers via email will cost not a single penny as compared to other modes of advertising.
  • Success Rate: Emails can effortlessly be targeted to specific consumers. Having this concept in view, there is simply no doubt that your commerce publicizing ROI will washout other direct marketing approaches in an operative manner. Though, the trick is you have to get it right in the first place.
  • Tractability and Measuring Ability: With the latest trends of analytics available nowadays it has become effortless to track the responses of emails accurately. It helps to know which portions of your advertising promotion work for you and which aren’t. With this kind of help you get the chance to react immediately and make some deviations in the promotion marketing approach as per required.

Have you ever sent an email to your business patron and got no response? Or got an email and open it to delete it? Maybe there are chances you don’t have the idea where your advertising promotion went wrong.

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Well, we all have received such emails which we obliterate on an instant basis, ignore them or smudge them as junk. If these kind of problems are occurring to your trade advertising emails, you will unquestionably need to decide the reason behind it.

Perchance your emails are unable to clutch the attention of your objective addressees. As long as you are not mercilessly spamming your mail consumer lists, email advertising is indeed an influential utensil to help you get your messages delivered to your business clienteles and visions.

It has the capability to strengthen customer interactions in an effortless manner. So, let me help you develop your email advertising exertions. However, first let me tell what types of emails you need to send:

Tips for Effective Email Marketing to Get Success and Increase Sales

No matter what kind of the above-mentioned email types you are sending, it is necessary for you to accomplish what you are planning through it and structure your email content and strategy according to it.

Here are some of the tips which can help you do effective Email Marketing to get 100% success guaranteed:

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Construct Subscriber List of Your Business

No matter if you have got a long list of emails of business clients and prospects, it certainly doesn’t mean that you stop adding more. It is not hard at all as it is just a piece of cake.

Like for example, make sure your subscriber list is always progressing with a signup feature embedded on your website. It is necessary for you to insert subscriptions forms on your homepage or blog page where it is easy to get the attention of the visitor.

Email Marketing Strategy

You can also get a chance to increase the number of subscribers from your checkout page. It works like when your customer confirms of buying anything, it is the best time for you to ask them if they also want to stay updated about your sale promotions or email newsletters by signing up.

There is a vast number of email marketing providers who have plugins with e-commerce platforms, which helps you to perform this task in an effortless manner.

Furthermore, you can also enhance your subscriber list through other traditional means. Like for example if you own a booth at an industry conference it can effortlessly provide an opportunity for people to subscribe for your business newsletter.

Whether you are unable to close the sale with the customer at the booth, you will certainly get someone for sign up for your subscriber list. It certainly can end up to create a business opportunity in the future.

Optimize Your Email Subject Line and Text Preview

The subject lines and preview text in an email help you to create a first impression on your business clients and customers.

You need to think of them as a suit and tie you wore on your first job interview, as you need to look good as soon as you put your foot in the door of the company office. In order to increase the email opening rate, you need to make sure that the email subject line is written in the best manner.

You need to use subject lines which should be tempting enough to increase reader’s curiosity without thinking of sending it to its spam folder. It must be able to capture attention with meaningful content and refines what your email is about.

After grabbing the attention of the reader with a meaningful email subject line, the preview text will prove to be the final blow to get your email opened by the client or customer. The preview text consists of the first few words which are in your email.

Many business email marketers forget about this significant thing. However, optimization of the preview text to communicate your message can certainly make a massive difference in whether the client will subscribe to your email or not.

Avoid Your Emails from Going to Spam Folders

If you have written and constructed your business emails in a meaningful manner, there are few chances of getting your emails flagged as spam and they will never get the attention of the customer.

Begin with making sure that recipients have opted for your emails, so your emails are not entering their spam or junk folders. Beyond this, you need to avoid using all caps, hyperbolic phrases and exclamation marks like (“HIT THE RUN BUTTON BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!!”).

Poor use of HTML formatting in your emails can also affect your email image if they are not handled properly. Spam filters are of different types, your email might pass one filter but can get flagged by the other. It is why necessary for you to make your emails informative and original.

Make Email Precise and Short

This might look obvious but you certainly be surprised when you find out how many business owners send emails which give the appeal of written by an amateur from the 90s.

If someone has opened your email because of your attractive subject heading, it is necessary for you to keep their interest from the beginning to the end. In this regard, you need to use short paragraphs and make sure the keywords and phrases are relevant.

Make use of bullet points to help people go through the content of your email in a short span of time. Insert pictures which can illustrate your business message instead of inserting content. This is how your email newsletter looks like to give an appealing impression:

Include Calls to Action and Interesting Links in Emails

The main aim of most email marketing campaigns nowadays is to increase the amount of traffic on a site. No click on your website page means there are no customers.


Email Marketing StrategyIt is why necessary for you to insert appealing visual striking buttons with text that provides an opportunity for the readers to interact with you in a much better way. Here is an example:

Make Your Email Newsletters Easy to Unsubscribe

This might seem to you like cutting off the conversation or business with your business clients by providing them an effortless chance to opt out.

However, if a user desires to remove its name from your subscriber list and can’t perform this task effortlessly, they will mark your emails as space which might cause your trouble in future.

Email Design to be Mobile-Friendly

Mostly, nowadays the first thing was done in the morning by any consumers when they wake up checks their mobile phones. In this regard, you need to make sure that the emails you design are mobile friendly, which means they can effortlessly be opened on mobile.

According to a survey, 66% of business emails opening occurs on tablets or mobile phones.

Email Marketing Strategy In case your emails are not mobile friendly, there is a massive chance that you are missing a vast number of clicks on your website.

Above All Provide Profit and Value

An effective email marketing is something which has the capability to give your target audience something profitable and be of great value.

It must include something that helps to keep your business image in their minds. It might be some educational information about your business industry, marketing messages about your products you are offering or operational messages regarding your service.

Other than this, your email might end up in your business client trash or spam folder.

Get Benefit from Special Occasions

Holiday and Seasonally themed email marketing campaigns have the capability to bring in a massive amount of customers to your e-commerce store. There is a reality that the e-commerce sales in holidays especially in November and December make up almost the one-quarter of the complete annual sales.

Email Marketing Strategy

This certainly includes a massive portion of sales which end up from Email Programs. So, it is necessary for you to be sure to take benefit from such seasonal opportunities to enhance your sales.

There are many email marketing platforms which provide effortless access to holiday email templates to you which you can send to your business clients and customers.

Remember About Adding Branding and Design in Transactional Emails

It is necessary for you to remember that transactional emails have a much better engagement rate as compared to other types of marketing emails.

So, it is quite effortless to send default transactional emails through your e-commerce provider, but in reality, you are wasting precious time.

Instead of just including minimum information, you should insert open rates of your product orders and status of shipping through emails to accomplish your business marketing objectives.

Send Notifications About Out of Stock Popular Products

In case your most-selling product is out of stock, but you know that you will soon be getting it back in stock, don’t remove it from your site.

Instead, make your customers subscribe to updates related to the inventory of that popular most-selling product.

Email Marketing Strategy

In this manner, you will be able to keep your business customers happy and in the loop on the products which they want to buy the most. Moreover, it is also a great chance to get them in the ecosystem of your email marketing with ease.

As soon as you get their email addresses, you can use them to send them notification emails which hopefully end up to a sale.

Moreover, you can also ask them to opt for your newsletter or promotional email list after the sale. In this way, you will be able to continue driving them towards your site via consistent email communications.

Avoid Sending Large Amount of Emails to Subscribers

After reading all the above-mentioned email marketing tips, you don’t need to get eager and start sending as many emails as you can to your subscribers. However, you need to be aware of how often you send emails to your subscriber’s list.

You certainly don’t want to flood their mailbox with your plentiful extent of advertising emails you are proposing. Like by this, they might unsubscribe or mark your emails as spam.

Encourage Readers to Give Reply of Emails

Unlike the traditional email to subscribers, email marketing has the capability to open meaningful conversation doors for your clients which later on develops an interest in your company business. Just writing direct information to clients and leads is certainly a waste of time.

So, it is necessary for you to use irresistible subject lines which gives the message to them that there is something beneficial in your email. The best way to apply this is to go for automated solutions which personalize your emails.

Use a distinctive and entertaining tone in your email to keep the reader engaged and let them know what you are selling to them. Moreover, make sure make them realize that they are talking to a real person instead of talking to a robot.

Helps to Stay Connected with Clients

Your email advertising newsletter is certainly the preeminent option for you to stay associated with your present clienteles and keep them updated about what new is in your commerce for them.

You can share what you are working on and also keep them posted about the services and products that are available for them. This certainly will entice them to connect with you and buy the products from you.

Storyline Email Marketing by Infographics

Below I have shared an infographic with which you will be able to get a complete understanding of email marketing:

Email Marketing Strategy

 PRO TIP: After informing you about the guidelines for doing operational email promoting in order to get success and increase sales, it is now time to provide some tips to marketers for effective email marketing. 

Provide Space to Customers

There is no doubt that your business clients and consumers want to hear about what you are offering. In this regard, a regular email marketing campaign is considered as one of the magical elements to boost your ROI (Return on Investment).

Once you come off a successful campaign it is quite tantalizing for you to run the same campaign once again in order to get the same results. If you do this, there are quite possible chances that you will get fading returns.

Customers certainly don’t want their mailboxes to be bombarded with a massive amount of promotional emails on daily basis. This is why it is necessary for you to give them a break and don’t make them feel that you are harassing them in any manner.

So, to avoid all of this it is necessary for you to define a schedule, which should be based on the feedback you are getting from the clienteles and stick to that in future. If you assure your customers that they will online receive a promotional email once a week, avoid sending them more than one mail.

Avoid Relying on Automation

Nowadays, email automation certainly proves to be a vital ingredient for any successful email marketing campaign.

However, it certainly doesn’t mean that you should completely rely on it. You should be using this to eliminate the monotonous process which usually comes when crafting an email marketing campaign.

Avoid Treating Customers like Robots

Nowadays, what many marketers fail to understand is that clienteles or business clients don’t want to be treated or seen as nameless faces or robots. They require to be appreciated and acknowledged as exceptional human beings.

This certainly can be done in an effortless manner as all you have to do is involve some personalization in your emails. Instead of sending same emails to customers, try using the feedback you got from the vast list of your email subscribers.

In this manner, you will be able to give the feel to your customers and business clients that you are actually reading their minds.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I would like to end this post by saying this in order to run a successful email advertising promotion nowadays you certainly need to follow the tips and instructions shared in this post.

All the tips given in this post are taken from proven results from dissimilar business proprietors, who have used to them to run a successful email promotion campaign of their business.

I certainly hope this will help you run a successful email advertising promotion and do operative email advertising of your business in an effortless manner.

Now it’s Your Turn

If you have any questions regarding this email marketing post, do share it in the comments section below. Do remember to share this post with your friends and business clients if you liked it and think it is helpful.

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