Welcome to Media Junkie

If you are looking for the perfect digital marketing agency who can help drive your marketing efforts through the roof, you’ve come to the right place. Media Junkie is a leading digital marketing company that is intrinsically devoted to driving real and measurable digital results for our clients. Currently located in London, covering companies globally. We offer cutting-edge digital solutions with a touch of ingenuity. As a result, both small and large businesses can experience an increase in leads, engagement and sales.

About Media Junkie Services

Media Junkie Started in 2007 in London. It started as a single person who took a passion for online and digital marketing and turned it into a business. Starting with just small local businesses getting help with their website needs.

Today, we are team of over 30 people plus dozens of specialists including designers, coders,animators and more. In addition to your website, we can help develop brands through advertising including social media, print and digital marketing.We start with a simple conversation and take it from there. Find out how we can work together to achieve your aims.